The Gray Lady

Perhaps the best known personage at Liberty Hall Historic Site is The Gray Lady.  The legend of a spirit haunting Liberty Hall has been traced by some back to the 1880s, when Mary Mason Scott, the great-granddaughter of Senator John and Margaretta Brown.  Mame (as she was known) reportedly saw a figure in gray in her second floor bedroom.  Others trace the story further back, to the 1820s, when she was reportedly seen by the wife of one of Senator Brown’s grandsons.  Whatever the exact date and circumstance of her first appearance, the story of The Gray Lady of Liberty Hall continues to captivate the imagination of the public, and stories of her presence are still reported today.

The story of The Gray Lady of Liberty Hall is told in the new guided tour Our Beloved Ghost. Visitors can learn more about the woman believed to be the spirit, the women who saw her, and how 19th century Americans experienced and dealt with death.  For information on tour times and prices, visit the Events Calendar.