Mothers' Garden

Mothers Garden

The Mothers' Garden

The Continue to Love Me Mothers' Garden at Liberty Hall, located on the Orlando Brown House lawn, is a memorial garden that offers community members the opportunity to honor mothers and grandmothers with a flowering plant. The garden features annuals and perennials that evoke love and remembrance. A sign in the Mothers' Garden features the sentiment Continue to Love Me written in 1810 by a nine-year-old Orlando. He wrote this in a letter to his mother, Margaretta Mason Brown, who was visiting family in New York. To honor a loved one in 2019, please click here for the brochure. Forms must be received by April 29, 2019 (close of business) to honor someone for Mother's Day. A card of recognition and a seed packet will be sent to the honoree by May 12th 2019. Mothers' Garden Honorees are listed here: 2019 In Honor  and 2019 In Memory. 


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