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Hands-on History

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Recipe & Craft: Liberty Hall Gingerbread House

Craft: Decorate a Tree for the Birds

Craft: Liberty Hall Jack-o-Lantern

Craft: Marbled Kindness Rocks

Craft: Historical Flag Fan

Craft: Dissected Map Puzzle

Craft: Fancy Chair

Recipe: Old-fashioned Gingerbread Cookies

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Game: Constitution Cornhole


Coloring Sheets

Anemone Flower 

Fuchsia Flower

Liberty Hall Drawing

Orlando Brown House Drawing

Grape Illustration

Winter Scene 



Click on the images below to do a 60-piece puzzle from the Liberty Hall Historic Site Collections. Once on the puzzle website, go to the top left-hand corner to "Modify this puzzle" and then click on the center icon in the middle of the puzzle to make the puzzle pieces rotatable. 

OB House by Sawyier Rose Garden oil 1913
A Orlando Jr Mason and Judge by Moise and Fowler Benson Creek photo by Gene Burch ca opt
Peony Smokehouse opt